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Medical Imaging Development

During the years that Developer Solutions (DSCallards) have been the UK supplier of LEADTOOLS Imaging libraries to developers, our Development Team have had to get pretty close to the technology. Sometimes it is simply to run a “proof of concept” for a customer to ensure the functionality is there and works for their project, but other times it is to design, build and deploy full applications.

One section of the LEADTOOLS Imaging libraries has been prevalent in a lot Developer Solutions LEADTOOLS development work and that is the Medical Imaging Suite.

Medical Imaging is the process of creating visual images of the interior of the body. In one case in our development cycle, visual images of the interior of geological rock are created using the same technology. These visual representations can be in the form of MIR, CT, X-Ray and other radiology technologies.

LEADTOOLS imaging SDKs greatly enhance the ability to develop bespoke systems for customers ensuring the low level adherence to global medical specifications are exact, including the DICOM standard and Health Level 7 (HL7), allowing Developer Solutions to expand the functionality of DICOM Medical applications for each customer's requirements.

Developer Solutions provide development services dedicated to Medical Imaging applications both in desktop applications and now web based HTML5 applications.

Medical content is normally held within a PACS server data store. Developer Solutions also build these backend PACS servers providing the full scope of work from hardware image extraction to the storage of the visual content.

Our Medical Imaging applications are designed and built not just for UK based companies. Indeed, over the last few years we have been building and delivering Medical Imaging applications internationally as the knowledge of our expertise spreads.

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