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Business Intelligence Integration

  • DSCallards (Developer Solutions parent company) can empower business users with anytime, anywhere access to key Business Intelligence insights delivered in context.
  • We have been delivering value-driven Business Intelligence solutions for over ten years to hundreds of customers including West Yorkshire Police, Rail Safety and Standards Board and Babcock International Group.
  • We help companies of all sizes, from SMEs to FTSE100, to unlock the value hidden in their data and use it to identify trends and issues, uncover new insights and fine-tune operations to meet business goals.
  • We can help you implement a flexible Business Intelligence platform and integrate it with your current systems, to increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, improve performance and drive better decision making across the organisation.
  • DSCallards are UK partners with both SAP and Yellowfin.
  • In special cases, customers require Business Intelligence integration into their 'public' or 'private' applications. We can design, build and support BI integration into applications using market leading SAP BusinessObjects or Yellowfin technology.

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