Offshore to Devon?


Software development over the past twenty years, as predicted by Edward Yourdon’s seminal 1992 book “Decline and Fall of The American Programmer”, has seen a key migration of support services to external providers located in parts of the world that provide the cheapest resource.

From offshoring to nearshoring to reshoring, from co-sourcing to hybrishoring, experiences of service provision in software support have been variable. Offshoring and its variant combinations has suffered from logistical and time zone issues and cultural barriers increasing leading to the overall degredation of the experience and end result.*

But what if your software applications were designed, developed, implemented and supported from offices in the glorious West Country? You would be getting the advantages of outsourcing your software development but not having to suffer with traditional offshore issues such as time zone, culture or major logistical barriers.

This formula has worked for Developer Solutions for well over fifteen years with many large customers and here’s why:

  • We have the right talent that can deliver quality work.
  • Removing the time difference barrier and therefore the need to exchange emails with hours/one-day-delay to reply will not kill the momentum and motivation of the project.
  • Although onsite visits are always necessary, working remotely for the bulk of the project with regular online meetings is a smoother, more ‘agile’, less expensive form of delivery.
  • We have a great lifestyle in the West Country, which means when we work on your projects, our creativity simply flows!
  • Our teams rarely change. Because we have decided to enjoy our lifestyle on the edge of Dartmoor, we really don’t want to leave so you will get to know our team.
Posted By Ray Kemp, Technical Director, On April 4th,2015
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