When Your Old IT Application Fails


Ask yourself the question, “When your old IT application fails, who are you going to call?” If the answer is ‘"not sure", then please read on.

Most of us rely on IT Software that has stood the test of time, Support ran out years ago, the people, the team, the company that was involved in writing it, building it and supporting it have long moved on – but the system still works – it does what it’s supposed to do – JUST.

However, you’re now starting to worry. How long is too long to leave IT software running quietly in the corner? Operating systems have changed, the web has changed our lives, mobile, network solutions the whole of IT rolls on at alarming pace – leaving that piece of software slowly but surely creaking at the seams.

Developer Solutions knows this problem well. We have been working with companies for many, many years resurrecting and supporting IT software. Offering support when the person who knew has left or retired! Amending, fixing, supporting and evolving legacy systems that need to continue running because they do the job.

The risk of failure of your systems goes up every year and the cost to business when the eventual failure happens, and it will happen, is often astronomical.

Not doing anything shouldn’t be an option, it is the easy choice but will not end up being the right decision.

Developer Solutions offers an established, proven Application Support Service ensuring your business critical applications are maintained and enhanced by high calibre IT and software professionals. Developer Solutions development capabilities span the most widely used technologies, meeting the IT and software needs of clients across many different industries.

Our Application Support Service could leave you with the freedom to plan and develop your future strategic approach knowing that your existing systems are functioning at 100%.

Application Support includes:

  • Support for legacy applications
  • Reporting and service reviews
  • Skills transfer
  • Access control and security
  • Application configuration
  • Application upgrading and patching

Why choose support from Developer Solutions?

  • Bespoke Support and SLAs to meet the needs of your enterprise.
  • Technical excellence – our software developers have been writing code since 2001 and working for companies of all sizes using multiple technologies.
  • Dedicated team so timely engagement of the ‘right’ resources and root cause analysis. Technical experts with in-house knowledge of your solution.
  • Access control and security
  • Access to highly skilled experts able to resolve the immediate problem and devise the improvement plan forward. Ability to retain the expertise of what and how the application operates and was built.

Simply put, Developer Solutions will help you to extend the life of your applications for as long as you need them. We will ensure that your business critical applications are performing at peak efficiency, are up to date and available for use throughout the business day.

Posted By Ray Kemp, Technical Director, On April 9th,2015
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