Developer Solutions Embrace the Demise of Desktop Applications


Well now … there is a statement we could discuss?

Is there really a demise of dedicated desktop applications? Why would we say this without some foundation?

In 2013 Gartner predicted the demise of the PC Desktop cycle. So this is not a new path or direction, and as you all know we are more and more switching from dedicated PC’s to laptops and tablets that have differing technologies and therefore differing functionality.

So why would I build a dedicated Windows based application when a lot of my staff are using Android or Apple devices? And I cannot in all honesty say to external users, I am sorry you need to purchase this specific hardware technology to run this application. That is just a narrow minded approach and simply pulls us back into the original reliance that we had with desktops and dedicated hardware/operating systems.

"But desktop applications are more functional and easy to use” I hear you say. Well that is a matter for debate as “ease of use” and “functionality” are just topics that should be included within the design of any application, whatever platform.

Current development environments can now produce web applications that virtually emulate desktop interaction within a browser. With the advances in web server technology and hosting offerings, the desktop application is quickly becoming a thing of the past with web based applications providing all of the following benefits:

  • Cross platform compatibility - Web based applications are now compatible across platforms with standards adoption by all the main players in browser technology. The minimum requirement is now a web browser, and not specific local software or hardware resources.
  • Deployment, Manageability and Accessibility (i.e. Web based applications are only installed on the server, not the local desktop. Bandwidth is greatly reduced so that web based applications can run across limited connectivity. Anyone with access to this web application can connect).
  • Data is now secure behind a web based centralised application. Web applications also provide an added layer of security by removing the need for the user to have direct access to the data and back end servers.
  • Web based applications dramatically lower costs due to reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and a greatly simplified architecture.

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Posted By Ray Kemp, Technical Director, On June 10th,2015
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