What If Your Software Developer Falls Under a Bus?


The question to ask in this situation is “what is the risk?” This is a true risk assessment exercise.

Developer Solutions are now being called in more and more to help businesses that have software skills that are reliant on one person. In most cases it is an IT solution that is crucial to the business.

A lot of our development projects over the years have been the redevelopment of an application, usually written in an older technology, and is used by the business to handle critical processes.

It was built by one person who is either now not around … or is still the only person who understands the technology. Ask yourself:

  • What if this stopped working now? How would that affect my business?
  • What if an external application was changed or updated and now does not interface to this older technology?
  • What if you update your Operating System only to find this older application is now not supported and will not run?

So no business should be reliant on one person. Ok, we all need inspiration like Virgin works under Richard Bransons instruction and his dreams, but over the years he has put in place a layer of management that understand his dreams and how he works … and can handle the business when he is not around.

But bring this down to earth inside your business, what if that key person were to literally fall under a bus tomorrow morning. What would happen?

Well you could insure against this … and some companies do this very thing. But this is just a cash sum, does it get you running again? You still have the same problem, but now some cash to throw at it … once the insurance company pay up. But that takes time for somebody else to get up to speed. However, there are other ways of insuring against this risk.

Developer Solutions provide this risk “insurance” to more and more businesses.

We firstly understand the impact to assess how to “insure” you. Does this need to running now … or are you ok if it’s back on line for next week or even month end?

Next we understand your technology. We will go through your source code, the data, even the documentation … which is quite regularly very sparse on older systems, so we may rebuild this.

We can then work with you to propose a solution that has deliverables. We may even mirror your systems so we can test externally when you have a problem before we work on your live systems.

Developer Solutions are the “insurance” that keeps your company safe.

Posted By Ray Kemp, Technical Director, On June 18th,2015
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