Still Not Happy using IT to Run Your Business?


As an IT company we meet many managers and owners of smaller businesses in the South West and it surprises me how many of them have not truly embraced IT as a business strategy. Ok, there are a lot of companies who run their business from within a spreadsheet, but that’s just one of the many tools available for analysing information. It is not an expandable future proofed technology.

In a lot of cases as the business grows, that spreadsheet or small database that served its purpose in the early days of the company is now groaning at the seams. Finding information or accessing information quickly and remotely is now not achievable and can easily slip back into a paper based system without using true IT to take this burden away.

Software technology and functionality increases exponentially as time passes and what was not an option 3-5 years ago is now a standard. You rely on emails that have been stored outside of the office for years and accessible from our mobiles and tablets … why not your business information and applications?

Developer Solutions take all of these points into consideration when building applications that provide real use of IT for your business.

We design applications that protect and store your information centrally, either internally or externally within databases or data stores.

We build in as many automated processes as possible so that things happen based on conditions without manual intervention.

If required, we ensure that these applications will run on any platform … mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet.

By working and developing this way Developer Solutions allow your teams to work remotely, onsite, on the road and if required … out of office hours.

IT solutions do not come cheap, especially custom applications that are specific to you so they must add a value that can be measured either in performance or to your bottom line.

While information technology solutions can contribute to the success of your organisation, there are a number of costs to consider. In addition to the cost of implementing an IT solution, you must understand the support and maintenance requirements as well as skills your team will need to run with any developed IT solution.

But that is all part of our delivery … Developer Solutions can provide all of these services to ensure you do what you are best at … we do what we are best at.

IT solutions continue to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations and communications, businesses will continue to rely on IT for success. Don’t be left behind.

Posted By Ray Kemp, Technical Director, On June 18th,2015
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