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Upsert [sic] with SAP Data Services? Don’t cry though ...

Posted by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect & Developer So, recently I find myself heavily involved with SAP Data Services and data migrations, I know what you’re thinking … that's not real code! And you’re damn straight …. it isn’t, but I have always leaned heavily towards the data end of the spectrum rather than the UX end ... View more

SAP Data Integrator: Configuring Data Stores

Posted by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect & Developer One of the nice features of SAP Data Integrator that DTS just cannot compete with is how it deals with datastores at run time. An ETL developer will typically start out working on a development database, honing and coding to a particular database schema until he feels that it is ready for testing by the QA department. View more

ETL: How to consume result sets in DTS

Posted by Conrad Rowlands, Senior Systems Architect & Developer So … about a month ago I was involved in a very complex DTS package. Amongst other things it involved looping through result sets of data, assigning the values found within each row into variable thus allowing these values to be utilised by subsequent transformations. View more
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